The final conference of the COST ENGAGER research network in Budapest

April 19 2022
Jakub Sokołowski and Jan Frankowski participated in a final meeting of COST ENGAGER Network Conference „Engaging with energy poverty in times of crisis” (11-13.04.2022).

The aim of the conference, which took place at the Central European University in Budapest, was to sum up five years of COST ENGAGER research activities.
Jan and Jakub presented the results of two recent energy-related IBS policy papers, devoted to the energy poverty and distributional effects of tax reduction policies in Poland.
They also discussed future research strands at the intersection of energy, housing and social policy and further cooperation opportunities within the network.

European Energy Poverty: The Co-Creation and Knowledge Innovation Agenda – COST ENGAGER – is an international research network that brings together more than 200 experts working on energy poverty mitigation in more than 40 European countries. The aim of the initiative is to exchange knowledge and experience among scientists and practitioners dealing with the problem of energy poverty. Institute for Structural Research represented Poland within the network. Under this initiative, IBS researchers participated in working groups, presenting research results and policy solutions regarding energy poverty in Poland, as well as prepared joint research papers.

Our publications co-written under COST ENGAGER action:

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