Life-course developments and pensions

Researchers from SGH Warsaw School of Economics analysed 4 European countries in new IZA Discussion Paper. Among authors – our Iga Magda.

A team of researchers from the SGH Warsaw School of Economics compares labour market developments of men and women in four European countries with NDC pension systems – Poland, Italy, Sweden and Germany. They analyse how the different labour market patterns translate into differences in old-age pensions.


Lower employment rates and gender pay gaps (especially in Poland and Italy), as well as country-specific employment paths are important causes of differences in expected pension levels. Authors argue that the modifications of pension systems which weaken the link between contribution and benefits would not solve the problem of low pensions to people with interrupted careers.


Iga Magda, vice president of our Institute, contributed with an analysis of gender pay gaps, looking at their changes over time and across age groups, showing how the lack of decrease in pay differentials among men and women will further shape gender pension gaps in the future.


We encourage to read the article on the IZA website:

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