Jobs and Development Conference. November 2-3, 2016, Washington D.C.

The Network on Jobs and Development and the World Bank Jobs Group held a two-day conference to discuss the latest policy-relevant research to foster the creation of multi-sector, multi-disciplinary solutions to jobs challenges around the world.

The Jobs and Development conference involved 80 speakers from all continents, and was joined by over 200 participants. Besides invited papers, 32 high-quality papers were accepted from the call for papers which drew more than 150 submissions.

The conference covered a wide-range of issues, from job creation in conflict affected or fragile states, to gender and skills, to technical progress and structural change, to many aspects of labour regulation.



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Labour Policy in Underdeveloped Economies

Refugee migration in Europe and Labour Geography in Asia

Job Creation in Emerging Economies

Skills in Transition: China and Latin America

The Nuances of Labour Regulations

Technology, Jobs and Structural Change

Employment Oriented Interventions

Opportunity, Equality and Work


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photos: Sarah Marriott,
Development Policy Research Unit at University of Cape Town

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