The aim of the project is to assess employment prospects for workers leaving the mining sector in the Silesia region. The study will be based on the case of Silesia as it is the most coal intensive region in Poland (both in terms of production and consumption) with the highest employment in coal mining, reaching currently around 84,000 people. The study will help to mitigate uncertainty around socio-economic effects of further employment reduction and thus raise the acceptance for coal-phase out.

Considering the primary purpose of the study we will focus on the following intermediate goals:

  1. identification of sectors which could potentially accommodate workers leaving the mining industry in the near future and an assessment of the chances of finding a new job outside the hard coal mining sector,
  2. mapping of the key factors that determine the willingness of miners to take up a new job outside hard coal mining.

project coordinator/ senior economist: Daniel Kiewra

senior advisor /senior economist: Jan Witajewski-Baltvilks

analyst /economist: Aleksander Szpor

contact :