Addressing technological unemployment in Poland

realization time: 10.2018- 05.2021

Recent technological progress speeds up changes in the nature of work – the tasks that we perform at work require different skills than they used to in the past. In the US and Western Europe digitization and automation, as well as growing importance of cognitive work worsen the position of workers performing routine and physical tasks – the risk of unemployment in this group is going up and relative wages are falling. Poland has not experienced the deroutinisation of labour market yet, but it will have to face the consequences of this global trend soon. At the same time, Poland lags behind most of the OECD countries in terms of digital skills of adults.

In order to address the issue of technological unemployment in Poland, in this project we will develop the curriculum for building digital skills among adults, in particular among individuals aged 45 and above. We will also provide training in digital skills to a group of workers who were displaced by technological progress or who are at risk of technological unemployment. The program aims to support participants to find new, stable and quality employment.

This project is supported by the JPMorgan Chase Foundation.

project lead:
Anna Sobierańska

persons from IBS
Anna Sobierańska
programme director
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Piotr Lewandowski
president of the board
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Iga Magda
vice president of the board
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