J26      Retirement; Retirement Policies
( 4 - Publication )
2017-01-24 Job retention among older workers in Central and Eastern Europe
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We study job retention rates – the shares of workers who continue to work in the same job over the next five years – in Czechia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. Job retention among older workers is key to prolonging careers and increasing employment of older ...
2017-01-20 Labour market segmentation and the financial situation of the pension system in Poland
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Since 2014 Poland is the country with the highest share of temporary workers in the EU. Civil law contracts, a type of temporary contracts, allow payment of lower retirement pension contributions than implied by employment contracts. We use a cohort pension model to quantify the ...
2015-05-31 Labour market segmentation and pensions in the Polish defined-contribution scheme
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In this paper we apply a cohort model of the pension scheme to analyse the impact of labour market segmentation, in particular the use of contracts on mandate, on expected retirement benefits in Poland. Heterogeneity of labour force and impact of differences in years of ...
2015-01-27 Crowding (out) the retirees? RDD application to raising effective retirement age in Poland
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As of 2007 increased labor force participation of the elderly has been observed in Poland. In 2009 a reform in the eligibility criteria narrowed the scope of early retirement opportunities for majority of the occupations. We rely on Polish LFS and employ regression discontinuity design ...
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