J14      Economics of the Elderly; Economics of the Handicapped; Non-labor Market Discrimination
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2016-04-28 Age or time-to-death – what drives health care expenditures? Panel data evidence from the OECD countries
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The most important engines for the growth of aggregate health care expenditures (HCE) in last 50 years in OECD have been growth of income, technological progress in medicine and their interaction with institutional setting. The accelerating ageing is expected to additionally fuel the growth of ...
2015-08-29 Red Herring in the Vistula River: Time-to-Death and Health Care Expenditure
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The aim of the article is to quantify the role of time-to-death in shaping health care costs. By combining a detailed break-down of population-wide data on publicly financed health care expenditure with the population and mortality data we are able to estimate a flexible model ...
2015-01-29 What Drives the Increase in Health Care Costs with Age?
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The aim of the article is to show the role of the drivers of health care costs increases with age. An innovative decomposition strategy has been proposed and applied to the population-wide data on health care expenditure in Poland. We have found that the health ...
2015-01-27 Crowding (out) the retirees? RDD application to raising effective retirement age in Poland
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As of 2007 increased labor force participation of the elderly has been observed in Poland. In 2009 a reform in the eligibility criteria narrowed the scope of early retirement opportunities for majority of the occupations. We rely on Polish LFS and employ regression discontinuity design ...
2015-01-15 Skill based labour demand and the wage growth of younger workers: Evidence from an unexpected pension reform
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Large-scale pension reforms can have redistributive wage effects across generations and education groups when the labour market suffers from skill mismatch. A quasi-experimental ‘retirement shock’ in Ukraine illustrates the effect of labour scarcity on wage growth and returns to education: it reveals that young and ...
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