H23      Taxation and Subsidies: Externalities; Redistributive Effects; Environmental Taxes and Subsidies
( 4 - Publication )
2022-05-09 The economic effects of stopping Russian energy import in Poland.
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We estimate the macroeconomic and distributional effects that a ban on fuel imports from Russia would have in Poland. We simulate the embargo as a hike in oil, gas and coal prices, and evaluate the macroeconomic effects with a dynamic general equilibrium model. We soft-link ...
2022-01-17 When populists deliver on their promises: the electoral effects of a large cash transfer program in Poland
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We estimate the effects of the introduction of a large cash transfer program on support for the ruling populist party in Poland. We exploit the variation at the municipal level in the annual cash transfer amount received per capita, and use a difference-in-differences research design ...
2020-07-02 Distributional effects of emission pricing in a carbon-intensive economy: the case of Poland
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In this paper, we assess the distributional impact of introducing a carbon tax in Poland. We apply a two- step simulation procedure. First, we evaluate the economy-wide effects with a dynamic general equilibrium model. Second, we use a microsimulation model based on household budget survey ...
2019-03-20 Who is burdened by taxes in Poland?
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I would like to thank Jan Rutkowski for his helpful comments and remarks. I also thank Aneta Kiełczewska for her help in compiling statistical data. The content of this publication reflects the opinions of the author, which may diverge from the position of the Institute ...
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