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2009-03-23 Shocks and rigidities as determinants of the CEE labor markets’ performance. A panel SVECM approach
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We analyze with panel SVECM the impact of real wage, productivity, labor demand and supply shocks on the eight CEE economies during 1996-2007. We use a set of long-run restrictions, derived from the DSGE model with explicitly modeled labor market, to identify these structural shocks. ...
2008-12-16 Assessing Effects of Joining Common Currency Area with Large-Scale DSGE model: A Case of Poland
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In this paper we present a large scale dynamic stochastic general equilibrium model, in order to analyze and simulate effects of Euro introduction in Poland. Presented framework is a based on a two-country open economy model, where foreign acts as the Eurozone, and home as ...
2008-11-14 Productivity Differences Across OECD Countries, 1970-2000 The World Technology Frontier Revisited
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We re-estimate the World Technology Frontier (WTF) non-parametrically, using the Data Envelopment Analysis method, with a dataset covering both OECD country-level and US state-level data on GDP per worker and the stocks of physical capital, unskilled labor and skilled labor. The WTF 2000 is found ...
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