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2020-07-13 Consumer switching costs in a market with legal and pirate providers
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Despite a rich literature on switching costs in traditional markets, little has been said on the context of competition between pirate and legal providers. With a sizeable literature on the effects of piracy and its determinants, it is crucial to understand the specific barriers that ...
2020-04-21 A comprehensive study of the Polish music market
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The project was delivered as the outcome of the tender "Preparation of a report: ‹‹ A comprehensive study of the Polish music market ››. Procedure No. 11 / BDG / PN / 2019. Contractor: Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.
2020-03-17 Effects of piracy on the American comic book market and the role of digital formats
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I would like to thank participants of the Institute for Structural Research – IBS and DELab UW internal seminars for their helpful comments. I would also like to thank Mateusz Godlewski for sharing his insights on the comic book market at the first stages of ...
2018-04-26 Pre-release leaks as one-time incentives for switching to unauthorised sources of cultural content
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Pre-release leaks of cultural content incentivise consumers to look for unauthorised sources. I find that such events may induce some television viewers to switch to unauthorised sources to gain access even to content that had not been leaked. To demonstrate that this is the case, ...
2017-11-24 The economic importance of the cultural sector in Poland in 2008–2015
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The project received funding from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland.
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