Project workshop TIPPING+ in Paris

December 20 2022
1-2 December 2022, Joanna Mazurkiewicz, Jan Frankowski, Jakub Sokołowski and Baiba Witajewska-Baltvilka participated in a TIPPING+ project workshop hosted by the Paris School of Economics.

Twenty-five people representing most of the TIPPING+ project partners took the challenge to build the new theory on socio-ecological tipping points based on cross-work-package and cross-case study understanding and insights. We worked on finalising the project’s integration framework and moved forward with the scientific results from the project. Diana Mangalagiu and Antoine Mandel organised the meeting.

Under the TIPPING+ project, we apply the socio-ecological tipping points (SETPs) concept to study the development trajectories of coal and carbon-intensive regions. We analyse various geographical, cultural, political and economic trends which shape narratives around regional development pathways and verify these findings with regional stakeholders.

The IBS team is conducting the Upper Silesia case study. The results of IBS studies concerned with Upper Silesia served as analytical background for key regional policy documents: Territorial Just Transition Plan for Upper Silesia 2030 and the Agreement between the European Commission and Poland on EU Funds 2021-2027.

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