IBS Team at the NTA 11 workshop and symposium in Senegal

June 29 2016
Piotr Lewandowski, Wojciech Hardy and Maciej Lis participated in the National Transfer Account (NTA) workshop in Saly, Senegal that took place from June 21 to June 24.

The event was preceded by the High Level Symposium on the demographic dividend and sustainable development in Africa, in Dakar on June 20.

The Symposium included many distinguished guests, with former and current policymakers of African countries describing their work and aims in the context of demographic dividend. The NTA workshop focused on the changing age structure and its effect on economic growth, labour market, gender and generational equity and financial sustainability.

During the four-day workshop speakers from Africa, Americas, Asia and Europe discussed the causes and consequences of the changing age structure within the National Transfer Accounts framework across the globe. The challenges differ across continents. African countries try to utilize the first demographic dividend caused by the drop of fertility, and take advantage of the second, resulting from the rise in investment in children. The Counting Women’s Work project (represented by Gretchen Donehower), aims at inclusion of home production into the NTA and disaggregating the national accounts by age and gender. The AGENTA project tries to expand the NTA framework in Europe and connect the demographic change in the European Union with financial sustainability.

Members of IBS team presented their research on the intergenerational divide in types of work performed in Europe, the driving factors of healthcare expenditure and the determinants of job retention among older workers in four CEE countries.

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