Gender pay gap in your workplace

June 6 2017
For the last 20 years, wage inequalities between women and men in Poland have remained at the level of 20%. The "Equal Earnings” application allows you to see how wage inequalities look like in a particular company, institution, or organisation.

According to the Central Statistical Office of Poland (pl. GUS) the average difference between women’s and men’s wages in Poland is approx. 8% (GUS 2015, on the basis of the Structure of Earnings Survey 2014). However, the average (adjusted) gender pay gap (GPG) – the average difference between wages of women and men working in comparable economic sectors and in companies of similar size, having comparable work experience, occupations, and levels of education – is approx. 20%. The gender pay gap in private sector, which employs much more workers than public one, is much above the EU average and also high in the region.

 Anonymous estimation in our company

The statistics show  the general view of the labour market situation, but now we are able to check the gender pay gap in our own workplaces. Our Institute in collaboration with the Group for Research in APplied Economics (GRAPE) has developed a tool to assess the differences between men and women wages in a particular company, institution, organisation. The Polish-language application, developed on behalf of the Polish Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy, together with additional materials such as: manual, FAQ and sample data, are publicly available both on the Ministry’s website and on our website (Polish version). After entering data about employees (e.g. earnings, sex, education, age) every company, institution, organisation can anonymously check the level of wage inequalities between its men and women workers.

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