Fourth International BIBB/IAB/ZEW Conference TASKS IV took place at ZEW headquarters in Mannheim, Germany, on September 8-9.

Papers presented at the conference discussed, among others, how does the division of tasks between workers and machines evolve, how do workplace environments and skill demands change as technology progresses, how technology and other factors interact with job polarisation, wage inequality and structural change.


The key-note lectures were  given by Guy Michaels (London School of Economics), Verena Nitsch (University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich) and Alan Manning (London School of Economics). The conference was complemented by a factory visit at Pepperl+Fuchs, a company involved in industrial sensors and factory automation.


IBS was represented by Piotr Lewandowski and Roma Keister. Piotr Lewandowski presented the paper “Technology Or Upskilling? Trends In The Task Composition Of Jobs In Central And Eastern Europe” (IBS Working Paper 01/2016).


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