WIEM 2016 Conference

Warsaw, Poland



The University of Warsaw Library: 56/66 Dobra Str. 00-312 Warsaw

The Warsaw International Economic Meeting, organised by the University of Warsaw Faculty of Economic Sciences and CenEA (cooperating partner) will take place from June 28 to 30.
The aim of the meeting is the presentation of research findings from around the world. The annual WIEM conferences allow for closer cooperation among Polish scholars, as well as for networking opportunities with researchers from abroad.   The main guests of this year’s conference are prof. James Heckman (University of Chicago), American economist and mathematician, specialist in econometrics and labour economics and Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences laurate, as well as prof. Nicholas Hanley (University of St Andrews), specialist in environmental economics, and author of many academic books in this field.  
Nobel laureate, Prof. James Heckman, presented the research results on social mobility...
involving data from the US and Denmark. The analysis focused on the relationship between educational attainment as well as income of children (during adulthood) and the income, wealth and education of the parents. The level of educational mobility is comparable in both countries, although the income mobility is much larger in Denmark. This difference is mainly the result of the current tax, pension and redistribution system, as well as of the lower wage inequality in Denmark.  
The Institute for Structural Research will be represented
by Marek AntosiewiczWojciech HardyKarolina GorausMaciej LisIga Magda and Jan Witajewski-Baltvilks:
  • Marek Antosiewicz - Business cycles, working capital, and on the job search
  • Wojciech Hardy - Technology or upskilling? Trends in the task composition of jobs in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Karolina Goraus - Minimum Wage Violation in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Maciej Lis - Age or Time-To-Death - What Drives Health Care Expenditures? Panel Data Evidence From the OECD Countries
  • Iga Magda - Do female managers help to lower within-firm gender pay gap? Public institutions vs. private enterprises
  • Jan Witajewski-Baltvilks - Can endogenous technology choices explain wage inequality dynamics?
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