Occupation classifications crosswalks – from ISCO to KZiS

April 6 2016
This set of crosswalks includes a full step-by-step mapping of the O*NET data, already translated to ISCO, to 4-digit KZiS 95, 02, 04 and 10 coding (used, e.g., for the Polish LFS data – BAEL).

The .zip package contains:

  • Stata .dta files with crosswalks for the ISCO-88 and KZiS 04, ISCO-08 and KZiS 10 as well as between consecutive editions of KZiS (95, 02, 04, 10).
  • Stata do-file recoding the ISCO-level data, step-by-step, into the KZiS classifications.

Running the do-file should be preceded by applying the ONET-SOC to ISCO crosswalks. The task item selection and bits of the Stata code were based on the work of David Autor and Daron Acemoglu

Prepared by

Wojciech Hardy, Institute for Structural Research and Faculty of Economics, University of Warsaw

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