The aim of the project is to estimate and map the workforce employed in the Polish coal mines as well as the workforce employed by their subcontractors, indirectly affected by the coal transition in three regions: Silesia, Greater Poland, and Lower Silesia.


In the project we:

  • prepare a demographic profile of employees in the coal mining and mining-related sector
  • map the network of coal mining enterprise contractors using a bottom-up approach on the basis of tender data;
  • enrich information about mining-related companies and provide a diagnostic of the employees on the basis of administrative data and Structure of Earnings Survey



In this project we are subcontractors of the World Bank (project: Support to Energy Transition in Coal Regions; support on labour, skills and social protection [P173079])

project manager: Piotr Lewandowski

coordinator: Jan Frankowski

expert: Joanna Mazurkiewicz

expert: Jakub Sokołowski

persons from IBS