The objective of the project was to strengthen civic control over the public finance sector. As part of the project we collected, organized, shared and analysed statistical data on public finance in Poland over 2004-2016. We have also created an interactive web application showing public spending on various categories. Data gathered within the project and the application were disseminated among NGOs and citizens to support watchdog activities. Public administration was given an information how to share data on public finance in more transparent way.


The product of the project was a set of five publications on the situation of public finance in Poland with specific areas of interest such as: transparency and accessibility of data on public finance, the evolution of public sector’s revenues and expenditures since Poland’s accession to the EU, the comparison of public finance situation in Poland and other EU member states, and the detailed analysis of the state budget for 2016.


The project was a part of the Citizens for Democracy program, which was funded from the EEA Funds.


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