Housing market in Poland and its impact on the labour market

realization time: 12.2018 – 12.2019

Inadequate supply of housing in Poland results in its limited availability, exacerbated by spatial mismatch between the supply and demand. The goal of the project is to compare the Polish housing market with other EU countries and to analyse the impact of the inadequate housing resources on the spatial mobility on the labour market. The research, using data on income and expenditure of households, quantifies the effect of housing costs on the potential to emigrate to larger cities for different groups of workers. Additionally, the research using data on the housing market at the NUTS4 level (powiat) shows differences between its impact on unemployment in different regions of Poland.

The results of the project will be published in ‘OECD Poland Survey’.

Piotr Lewandowski
Adam Pigoń, Tomasz Świetlik


persons from IBS
Piotr Lewandowski
president of the board
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