Committed father from the beginning!

realization time: 06.2021 - 12.2021

A major barrier to the division of parental leaves is the lack of adequate knowledge among men, the lack of support from his environment and strongly entrenched stereotypes. Man’s education in the process of preparing for parenthood is crucial both in the context of establishing a relationship with a child, as well as the rights he is entitled to after childbirth. We believe that the quality and accessibility of education in this subject for men is insufficient, which translates, inter alia, into a low share of fathers taking parental leave. We want to introduce a real change in the field of sharing parental leaves through education, which is why, together with the Share the Care foundation, we are implementing research and workshops at birth schools for couples.

The innovative project “Committed father from the beginning – workshops for couples in childbirth school” is implemented under the grant project “TransferHUB – the incubator of social innovation in the field of employment”, financed by the European Union under the European Fund Knowledge, Education and Development.

persons from IBS
Iga Magda
vice president of the board
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Anna Sobierańska
programme director
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