Q55      Environmental Economics: Technological Innovation
( 5 - Publication )
2020-01-13 Short- and long-run dynamics of energy demand
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The timing of the response of CO2 emissions to a carbon tax depends crucially on the timing of response of energy demand of changes in energy prices. In this paper, we investigate the path of changing energy demand from the moment of a change in ...
2018-12-31 Green Innovation And Economic Growth In A North-South Model
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If one region of the world switches its research effort from dirty to clean technologies, will other regions follow? To investigate this question we built a North-South model that combines insights from directed technological change and quality ladder endogenous growth models. We allow researchers in ...
2018-09-26 Green Growth and Taste Heterogeneity
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The recent contributions in directed technological change theory show that technological progress in clean industries (i.e. industries which do no produce CO2 emissions) lead to emission decline only if clean and dirty goods are sufficiently substitutable. The result raises a question whether a government could ...
2018-09-19 A review of the offshore wind innovation system in Poland
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In recent years offshore wind has become one of the fastest growing forms of renewable energy technology worldwide. Nevertheless, there are still several markets with large potential for deployment. In this paper we assess the offshore wind innovation system in Poland. We apply the Technological ...
2018-01-18 Structural analysis of the offshore wind innovation system in Poland
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The paper is a the preliminary evaluation of the offshore wind innovation system in Poland. The analysis is based on the Technology Innovation System concept. The paper includes the two first steps of the procedure: the structural analysis and the technology stage of development analysis. ...
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