J21      Labor Force and Employment, Size, and Structure
( 27 - Publication )
2016-02-27 Technology Or Upskilling? Trends In The Task Composition Of Jobs In Central And Eastern Europe
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In this paper we analyse the changes in the task content of jobs in Central and Eastern European countries between 1998 and 2013. We link the O*NET data on occupational characteristics with EU-LFS, following the approach of Autor, Levy and Murnane (2003) as well as ...
2015-02-26 The effects of minimum wage on a labour market with high temporary employment
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In this paper, we use propensity score matching and a difference-in-differences estimator to study the impact of minimum wage hikes on labour market outcomes in Poland in 2002-2013. We focus on job separations, adjustments of hours worked, share of full-time jobs and of real wages. ...
2015-01-21 In-Work Poverty in Poland: Diagnosis and Possible Remedies
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In this paper the authors analyze the evolution and the determinants of in-work poverty in Poland, according to three poverty lines: relative, absolute, and the 1998-adjusted poverty line. The authors find that behind moderately high in-work poverty incidence in Poland there is very high in-work ...
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