Warsaw International Economic Meeting 2017

July 3 2017
At WIEM 2017, eight economists from the IBS will present research on the labour market, unauthorised sources of cultural goods, fuel poverty, RES and green innovation.

The conference is organised annually by the Faculty of Economic Sciences (the University of Warsaw) in cooperation with the CenEA – Center for Economic Analysis. It is an opportunity of exchanging experience between researchers and stimulating cooperation of the young economists from Poland and abroad. Rachel Griffith (University of Manchester and Institute for Fiscal Studies) and Jan Fagerberg (University of Oslo) will be the keynote speakers of this year’s – 12th – edition of WIEM.

The results of research conducted in the Institute for Structural Research (IBS) will be presented by:

  • Jan Baran – The Effectiveness of Youth Employment Initiative in Poland
  • Ewa Cukrowska-Torzewska – Gender wage gap: does it matter when your firm was set up? The case of four European post-transition countries
  • Wojciech Hardy – Brace Yourselves, Pirates Are Coming! The Long-term Effects of Game of Thrones Leak on TV Viewership
  • Piotr Lewandowski – Routine and ageing? The Intergenerational Divide in the Deroutinisation of Jobs in Europe
  • Roma Keister – Parental and Child Care Options: Quality Time Spent with Children and Job Flexibility
  • Iga Magda – Within-Firm and Between-Firm Drivers of Wage Inequality in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Katarzyna Sałach – Heterogeneity of The Fuel Poor in Poland – Quantification and Policy Implications
  • Jakub Sawulski – Optimal RES Differentiation Under Technological Uncertainty
  • Jan Witajewski-Baltvilks – Green Innovation and Economic Growth in a North-South Model

Jan Witajewski-Baltvilks will also take part in a panel discussion entitled “Innovation performance of Polish economy”.

Detailed program – see

WIEM 2017 website  – visit

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