Presentation of IBS findings at Untangled workshops

April 1 2022
On the 25 of March 2022, a workshop summarizing the first year of the UNTANGLED project took place in Vienna. We presented the results of three studies on the impact of technology on the labour market and income inequality in Europe

Piotr Lewandowski presented preliminary results on the impact of automation on income inequality in Europe
(co-authors:  Jan Gromadzki (IBS), Karina Doorley (ESRI, Trinity College Dublin, IZA)  and Philippe Van Kerm  (LISER, University of Luxembourg). Authors indicate that robotization lowered the wages of workers in Western Europe (similarly to the USA), and in Southern Europe, robotization increased wages. Little effects were recorded in the Nordic countries and Eastern Europe.

In another presentation, Maciej Albinowski and Piotr Lewandowski analyzed the impact of new technologies on employment and wages in eight demographic groups. ICT capital and robots improve the position in the labour market of women under  50  and men 60+.  In turn,  women 60+ and men 30-49 relatively lose.

Ronald Bachmann (RWI) presented a study from January 2022 on the impact of automation on changes in the labour markets in the EU (co-authors: Piotr Lewandowski, Karol Madoń (IBS), Myrielle Gonschor (RWI)). Robotization increases employment stability and the impact on the possibility of finding a new job varies between countries.

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