Macroeconomic simulations for the Chilean economy

August 29 2018
At the TRANSrisk workshop in Santiago (Chile) Marek Antosiewicz gave a presentation about simulating the macroeconomic effects of climate change mitigation policies (24.08.).

The workshop entitled “Measurement tools and risk management of uncertainties of climate change” summarised the joint effort of the Centro Latinoamericano de Políticas Económicas y Sociales of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and the Institute for Structural Research within TRANSrisk project on the Chilean case study. The main aim of the research was to assess the effects of climate mitigation policies on energy poverty in Chile.

Marek Antosiewicz from our Institute gave a presentation about the macroeconomic simulations that IBS conducted for the Chilean economy. He also led a training course on the use of the Mitigation Toolbox prepared by the team at IBS. The Toolbox is an easy to use interface that allows non-experts to run country level macroeconomic simulations using the MEMO model for Chile, Greece and Poland. It will be available for everyone to use at our website in a few weeks.

Below you could find the presentation.
All presentations are available at the organisers website.

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