Institute for Structural Research stands with Ukraine

March 10 2022
The Institute for Structural Research unequivocally and firmly condemns and opposes Russia's armed aggression against Ukraine.

Actions of the Russian Federation are in direct contradiction to all the values ​​professed and implemented in IBS’ work, and in gross contradiction to the universal values ​​of freedom, equality, tolerance, and human rights.

Central and Eastern Europe is a region particularly marked by the horrors of war. Still, a large part of the population of Poland and the region remembers the tragic events of the last century. All the more so today, we all together and each of us individually support Ukraine and people affected by the invasion, trying to provide them with necessary humanitarian assistance.

The effects of this war will have far-reaching political, economic, social, humanitarian consequences in Europe and around the world.

We will strive to contribute to the diagnosis of challenges and development of responses to reduce the economic, social, and humanitarian toll of the crisis triggered by the Russian aggression and war.

Iga Magda, Piotr Lewandowski and IBS Team

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