IBS at the Warsaw International Economic Meeting

July 5 2022
Maciej Albinowski, Jan Gromadzki and Agata Rozszczypała presented the results of three studies at „Warsaw International Economic Meeting” conference (28-30.06.2022).

Agata Rozszczypała presented the preliminary results on the returns to tertiary education among persons with disabilities in the EU (co-authors: Maciej Albinowski, Iga Magda). An important policy conclusion is that closing the disability education gap (among persons that completed at least upper secondary education) could have substantial positive employment effects.

Jan Gromadzki discussed labor supply effects of a universal cash transfer. An unconditional cash transfer may effectively increase the income of the recipients without distorting their labour supply decisions. Additional evidence shows that households receiving the benefit substantially increased their consumption and savings.

Maciej Albinowski analyzed the impact of new technologies on employment and wages in eight different demographic groups (co-author: Piotr Lewandowski). ICT capital and robots improve the labour market outcomes of young and prime-aged women. Women 60+ and men 30-49, on the other hand, are relatively losing.

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