IBS founding member of new European scientific network ELMI

May 4 2023
IBS is one of eleven European institutes for labour research that established the “Network of European Labour Market Research Institutes” (ELMI).

The ELMI network will cooperate on joint events, the exchange of knowledge, and visits of junior researchers. We want to acquire better access to the data among the network members, and discussion on policy-relevant issues and practices. Regular exchange in the network will facilitate mutual learning on pan-European labour market issues.

Fitzenberger: All participating institutes benefit from the exchange of research results, data and findings for policy counselling and from the involvement in joint research projects and publications.

prof Fitzenberger, the initiator of ELMI
Prof. Bernd Fitzenberger the director of the IAB, and Professor of Quantitative Labor Economics at Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg.
prof Gathmann, the initiator of ELMI
Prof. Christina Gathmann the head of the Labour Market Department at LISER.

Gathmann: I am really looking forward to cooperating within the network. I have some specific expectations, for example, with regard to the exchange of junior researchers, better access to the data among the members of the network, and the exchange on policy-relevant issues and practices. At the same time, I am simply curious to see the dynamics of the development. Because exchange often brings about entirely different ideas and projects no one has ever thought about before. The kick-off meeting at the IAB in autumn was already very promising indeed!

Network’s website → here

The first ELMI conference will take place in Luxembourg on 30-31 October 2023. The title is “Skills for the Future: Navigating the Digital, Green, and Social Transitions in Europe’s Labour Market”.

The partners of the network:

the initiator institutes of ELMI

Interview with Christina Gathmann (LISER) and Bernd Fitzenberger (IAB) who initiated ELMI

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