CARE Project kick-off meeting.

August 4 2023
Out of over 30 applications, six cities were awarded grants by the ICA Fund: Bogota, Dar es Salaam, Los Angeles, Quezon City, Vancouver, and Warsaw, representing the only European city to receive the grant.

On July 25, 2023, the inaugural meeting of the CARE (Carbon-neutral and Affordable Retrofits for Everyone in Need) project was held. This year-long research project aims to develop a sequence for renovating municipal buildings in the city based on administrative data, to strike the best possible balance between social and environmental objectives. From the City Office of Warsaw, the Bureau of Air Protection and Climate Policy is coordinating the project with other city units.

As part of the CARE project, we will prepare a comprehensive database of municipal buildings in the city, utilising data from various municipal and state registers. Additionally, we will conduct workshops for city officials to generate optimal scenarios from the perspective of housing, social, and environmental policies. In this way, our concept outlined in the IBS Policy Paper titled “How to ensure a just approach to retrofitting social housing?” will be further developed. This project’s successful implementation will help implement the Green Vision of Warsaw, distribute the municipal funds fairly, and tackle the energy poverty in social housing.

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