64th Annual Conference of the Italian Economic Association

October 31 2023
The conference took place in L’Aquila on 19-21 October 2023. Karol Madoń represented IBS.

The event is organised annually by the Italian Economic Association. It gathers researchers working on economics, management and finance.

Karol Madoń presented the results of the study „The Role of Global Value Chains for Workers’ Tasks and Wage Inequality”, co-authored by Piotr Lewandowski (IBS) and Deborah Winkler (World Bank). The study assesses the relationship between participation in global value chains and routine intensity of jobs and its contribution to within-country wage inequality in countries at different development levels. Participation in GVCs contributes to lowered wage inequality in most countries covered in the study but not in top high-income countries.

The conference also included two keynote lectures. Matthias Doepke (London School of Economics and Political Science and Northwestern University) summarised his research on the economics of parenting and its impact on macroeconomic outcomes. Mariana Mazzucato (University College London and University of Sussex) presented her research on the role of governments in today’s economies and their capacity to deal with crises.

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