Warsaw International Economic Meeting (WIEM 2015)

On July 2-4, 2015, the economists of IBS participated in the 10th Warsaw International Economic Meeting (WIEM) that was hosted by Faculty of Economic Sciences, University of Warsaw.
The conference gathered researchers from leading Polish economic institutions (University of Warsaw, National Bank of Poland, Warsaw School of Economics, CenEA) and foreign ones (LSE, IZA, DIW, Free University of Amsterdam, Catholic University of Louvain, University of Bologna, University of Southampton, University of Aarhus). John Van Reenen and Gianmarco Ottaviano, both from London School of Economics, were this year’s conference keynote speakers. John Van Reenen, whose research addresses firms’ productivity and innovation, presented results of studies on the relationship between managerial culture and firms’ performance. Gianmarco Ottaviano, renowned scholar in international trade theory, discussed a new class of trade simulation models.   IBS team presented results of our recent research. Piotr Lewandowski discussed the evolution of task content of jobs in Poland [IBS WP 10/2015]. Agata Miazga showed the results of analysis identifying groups of Poles most vulnerable to rising energy prices [IBS WP 11/2015]. Maciej Lis talked about the changes in health spending associated with ageing [IBS WP 05/2015]. Agnieszka Kaminska discussed the impact of increasing minimum wage in a labour market with high temporary employment [IBS WP 07/2015]. Jan Baran spoke about the incidence of overeducation in Polish labour market. Wojciech Hardy discussed the impact of on-line streaming on digital music sales.   We are grateful to all commentators for their valuable advice. We would also thank the University of Warsaw for organising the conference that was an excellent opportunity of exchanging experience between researchers from Poland and abroad.   IBS team photo by Leszek Wincenciak LEW
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