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2020-06-03 The heterogenous regional effects of minimum wages in Poland
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Since 2008, Poland has been among the EU countries that have increased their minimum wage levels the most, following period in the mid-2000s during which the country’s minimum wage was barely raised. We evaluate the impact of these minimum wage hikes on employment and wage ...
2020-05-06 Overeducation and wages: the role of cognitive skills and personality traits
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This article investigates the role of personality traits and cognitive skills as potential determinants of overeducation and in explaining overeducation wage penalty. Using a representative survey of the Polish working-age population, with well-established measures of cognitive skills and personality traits, I find that accounting for ...
2020-05-04 Occupational exposure to contagion and the spread of COVID-19 in Europe
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Social contacts are a key transmission channel of infectious diseases spread by the respiratory or close-contact route, such as COVID-19. There is no evidence, however, on the question of whether the nature and the organisation of work affect the spread of COVID-19 in different countries. ...
2020-03-17 Effects of piracy on the American comic book market and the role of digital formats
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I would like to thank participants of the Institute for Structural Research – IBS and DELab UW internal seminars for their helpful comments. I would also like to thank Mateusz Godlewski for sharing his insights on the comic book market at the first stages of ...
2020-01-13 Short- and long-run dynamics of energy demand
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The timing of the response of CO2 emissions to a carbon tax depends crucially on the timing of response of energy demand of changes in energy prices. In this paper, we investigate the path of changing energy demand from the moment of a change in ...
2019-11-08 A comparison of Swiss, German and Polish fiscal rules using Monte Carlo simulations
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Authors assess the economic implications of existing fiscal rules in Poland, Switzerland and Germany. In the analysis they establish economic relationships between output, government revenues and expenditures estimating a VAR model on US data for the years 1960-2015. Imposing fiscal policies implied by a given ...
2019-11-06 Trends in occupational segregation by gender in a post-communist country
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The communist states promoted women’s participation in the labour market and encouraged women to enter male-dominated occupations, which should have resulted in relatively low levels of occupational segregation by gender. I show that after the transition to the market economy, the level of occupational segregation ...
2019-09-06 On the competitive effects of screening in procurement
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Procuring authorities frequently use screening in order to mitigate risky bids. This study estimates the effect of bid screening and litigation on entry and bidding using a unique data set on highway construction procurement auctions in Poland. The market exhibits a screening method that ex ...
2019-07-18 Measuring energy poverty in Poland with the Multidimensional Energy Poverty Index
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Energy poverty is a complex problem that is generally caused by having a low income, having high energy costs, and/or living in a home with low energy efficiency. Various indicators capture these factors, but there is no consensus among researchers on which is the best ...
2019-07-10 Evaluating an old-age voluntary saving scheme under incomplete rationality
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We provide ex ante welfare, fiscal and general macroeconomic evaluation of the voluntary old-age saving scheme recently introduced in Poland (Pracownicze Plany Kapitałowe, Employees’ Capital Plans). ECPs provide tax redemptions as well as lump-sum transfers with the objective to foster old-age savings. Reduction in capital ...
2019-06-12 Gender Pay Gap Patterns in Domestic and Foreign-Owned Firms
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We investigate differences in gender wage gaps between foreign-owned and domestically-owned firms in Poland, a country that has experienced large FDI inflows over the past three decades. We show that according to standard estimates of adjusted gender wage gaps, these differences are much larger in ...
2019-04-23 Technology, Skills, and Globalization: Explaining International Differences in Routine and Nonroutine Work Using Survey Data
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The shift away from manual and routine cognitive work, and towards non-routine cognitive work is a key feature of labor markets. There is no evidence, however, if the relative importance of various tasks differs between workers performing seemingly similar jobs in different countries. We develop ...
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