J38      Wages, Compensation, and Labor Costs: Public Policy
( 3 - Publication )
2020-06-03 The heterogenous regional effects of minimum wages in Poland
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Since 2008, Poland has been among the EU countries that have increased their minimum wage levels the most, following period in the mid-2000s during which the country’s minimum wage was barely raised. We evaluate the impact of these minimum wage hikes on employment and wage ...
2016-04-27 Minimum Wage Violation In Central And Eastern Europe
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Minimum wages continue to be at the centre of the policy debates in both developed and emerging economies. Such policies can only be effective if (1) the existing regulatory system does not have gaps that allow for the payment of wages below the minimum wage, ...
2015-02-26 The effects of minimum wage on a labour market with high temporary employment
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In this paper, we use propensity score matching and a difference-in-differences estimator to study the impact of minimum wage hikes on labour market outcomes in Poland in 2002-2013. We focus on job separations, adjustments of hours worked, share of full-time jobs and of real wages. ...
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