J18      Demographic Economics: Public Policy
( 2 - Publication )
2022-01-17 When populists deliver on their promises: the electoral effects of a large cash transfer program in Poland
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We estimate the effects of the introduction of a large cash transfer program on support for the ruling populist party in Poland. We exploit the variation at the municipal level in the annual cash transfer amount received per capita, and use a difference-in-differences research design ...
2015-01-30 Uncertainty in the labour market: How does fixed-term employment affect fertility and mental health of the young generation?
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Wolfgang Auer (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and Ifo Institute, Munich) and Natalia Danzer (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Ifo Institute, Munich, and IZA Bonn) study the short- to medium-run effects of starting a career on a fixed-term contract on fertility and health outcomes. We ...
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