Youth Employment Policy Conference 08.06.2022 Brussels

June 14 2022
The first photo report from the conference. Enjoy!

We are happy to announce that the Youth Employment Policy Conference summarizing the four-year Youth Employment PartnerSHIP project gathered a large audience on-site and online. It showed interesting research results and brought a new perspective to the discourse on public employment policies for young people, women raising children and social groups in need of support.

They say that the event is successful when participants are not rushing to the tables filled with food during breaks.

They are so absorbed in the issues raised that it is difficult for them to break away from the conversation.

These photos show how interesting issues were discussed in Brussels.

We are proud to share the photo report from the conference with you as it shows the success and importance of the Youth Employment PartnerSHIP project.

Just watch and enjoy!

A detailed description of the conference, reports and audio-video recording of the lectures and discussion panels coming soon!

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