Who's protected by lockdown? Occupational exposure to contagion during the COVID 19 pandemic in Poland

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Using Diagnoza.plus survey data collected in Poland, we find that occupational exposures to contagion have declined over the course of the pandemic, but unequally: much more among professionals than among other workers

Measuring levels of social contact is critical for understanding the spread of infectious diseases transmitted by the respiratory or close contact route, such as COVID 19. Workplace interactions constitute the majority of social contacts among people of working ages.


In the 5th wave of Diagnoza.plus survey, we collected data on social contacts at work. Respondents provided information about their modes of work in February 2021 ( when the survey was conducted ), as well as retrospectively: in February 2020, so before the COVID 19 epidemic emerged in Poland, and in April 2020 when Poland was under a rather strict lockdown. To measure the incidence of working from home, we use data collected in the first wave of Diagnoza.plus (April 2020) and in the 2019 Labour Force Survey (before the pandemic ). This allows assessing how the exposure has changed over the course of the pandemic.


The results are available in the report attached below.

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