Joanna Mazurkiewicz at the 7th International Congress of Value Economics, Open Eyes Economy Summit

December 20 2022
The particularly difficult situation of families in the face of the current crisis was the main issue raised in Joanna Mazurkiewicz's speech during the meeting in Krakow.

On the 22 and 23 of November 2022, the 7th International Congress of value Economics of Open eyes Economy Summit took place in ICE Kraków. The event is devoted to an economy based on social values, and the motto of this year’s edition was credibility and its reflection on socioeconomic and political life.

In the session “just transformation or energy security? Green Deal in the face of war” participated:

Barbara Głowacka – Cabinet Commissioner for Affairs Energy Kadri Simson, European Commission

Joanna Mazurkiewicz – Institute of Structural Research

Jakub Mazur – Vice-President of Wrocław

Grzegorz Kozieja – Director of the Food and AGRI sector Analysis Office – International HUB, BNP Paribas Bank

Maciej Sołtysik – President of the Board of the Institute of projects and Analysis
Session moderator Mateusz Fornowski – Business Analyst, Polityka Insight

In the discussion about the future of energy transformation and implementation of climate and energy policy of the European Union, Joanna Mazurkiewicz drew attention to the particular situation of households. The energy transition is a challenge, especially for less wealthy families.
They must be given adequate support to reduce the social costs of change and to counter the deepening of inequalities.

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