Jakub Sokolowski presented research results at the C4E Forum

June 12 2023
The C4E - Central & Eastern European Energy Efficiency Forum,23-25.05.2023, three-day meeting this year took place in Samorin, Slovakia. The C4E Forum is one of the most important events in the field of energy and environmental policy.

The C4E Forum brings together experts, policymakers, researchers and practitioners from Central and Eastern Europe every two years. The themes of the Forum focus on the challenges of the energy transition, climate change, energy efficiency and social justice in the region’s countries.

Jakub Sokolowski gave a presentation entitled ‘How to Prevent Another Yellow Vests Movement? Assessing Public Preference for a Carbon Tax with a Discrete Choice Experiment’. Based on a discrete choice experiment, the study shows a public preference for introducing a carbon tax and the possibility of preventing social protests in Poland similar to the French Yellow Vests Movement. Jakub Sokolowski presented the analysis results, which provided important insights into the design of the Social Climate Fund in the context of the ‘Fit-for-55’ climate policy package.

Participation in the C4E Forum allowed for a discussion on energy policy, climate change and a just transition and an exchange of experiences with experts from Central and Eastern European countries.

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