Iga Magda at the Population Association of America conference

April 12 2022
2022 Annual Meeting, April 6-9, 2022, Atlanta, Georgia USA & online

Iga Magda took part in the annual Population Association of America conference, where the latest research results in the area of ​​demography, education, labour market and social policy are presented. Professor Magda shared the results of research carried out by a team from the Warsaw School of Economics, Warsaw University and National Information Processing Institute. The study concerned the gender pay gap among STEM graduates.

The Population Association of America’s annual meeting is the premier conference of demographers and social and health scientists from the United States and abroad. The researchers are offered the opportunity to present their findings, hear others’ findings, and network with their peers.
Since PAA’s first conference in 1932, much important research has been presented on topics ranging from migration to reproductive health to race and gender issues.

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