Macroeconomic simulations for the Chilean economy
At the TRANSrisk workshop in Santiago (Chile) Marek Antosiewicz gave a presentation about simulating the macroeconomic effects of climate change mitigation policies (24.08.).
Conference WIEM 2018
IBS presentations at the Warsaw International Economic Meeting 2018 (June 3-5).
The World Labor Conference 2018
IBS research was presented at the IZA World Labor Conference in Berlin.
EU4Energy Policy Forum
On June 26 in Kyrgystan, Aleksander Szpor presented the Polish case study of coal transition.
IEW 2018 & CEF 2018
What is the short and long run response of energy demand to price changes? Presentations of Jan Witajewski-Baltvilks and Marek Antosiewicz at IEW 2018 & CEF 2018 (19-21.06.).
WCERE 2018 & EMEE 2018
Green innovation, economic growth and renewable energy sources were the topics of Jan Witajewski-Baltvilks and Marek Antosiewicz presentations at WCERE conference and EMEE workshop.
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