OECD Economic Survey of Poland 2018

March 20 2018
Institute for Structural Research
ul. Wiśniowa 40B loc.8
2018-03-19 / 15:00
2018-03-19 / 17:00
The seminar discussed the latest OECD review of Poland’s economy, including an IBS analysis of the 500+ benefit impact on the labour market – March 19th.

he 2018 OECD Economic Survey of Poland (published on March, 19th) discusses policies that would help strengthen Poland’s innovative capacity, the quality of its infrastructure along with skills and employment. The report’s main findings and policy recommendations were presented by Nicola Brandt from OECD.

Iga Magda (IBS, SGH) presented a detailed analysis of the impact the 500+ benefit had on the Polish labour market. These results are summarized in the Economic Survey, and discussed in detail in the IBS Working Paper .


The seminar was invitation-only.

The presentations are available below.

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