COVID-19, Technology, and Polarizing Jobs

September 8 2020
2020-09-08 / 5:00
COVID-19 is driving economies into recession, putting many jobs at risk. Up to 242 million full-time jobs could be lost globally, with 70% of these in Asia and the Pacific.

As COVID-19 drives economies into recession, many jobs are at risk. However, not all jobs are equally affected—some industries and jobs are more severely affected than others. COVID-19 effects are further exposing the trend of job polarization and widening wage inequality among employees. Moreover, the pandemic will likely spur digital transformation of work and the workplace.

The newest webinar in the series produced by the RCI-POD (Regional Cooperation and Integration Policy Open Dialogue) covers the issue of the impact of COVID-19 on technological transformation of work. In the first part, Cyn-Young Park and Sameer Khatiwada presented their publications (ADB brief and blog entry) on the workplace automation, polarizing jobs and COVID-19. In the second part, there was a panel discussion with Albert Park from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Piotr Lewandowski from the IBS.

The full episode of the webinar can be seen here.

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