2nd "Coal Transition" Project Meeting and Stakeholder Workshop

2017.07. - Coal Transition Meeting
A stakeholder workshop organised by Climate Strategies and IDDRI was held in London on the 26th and 27th of June 2017.

The workshop objective was to present the achievements of the project to date and to discuss its main findings. The representatives of trade union associations, private companies, NGOs and the European Commission and other international organisations participated in the workshop.


The first summary report of six national case studies (Czechia, Netherlands, Spain, Poland, UK and USA) of past coal transitions & implications for the project was presented and discussed at the workshop (report).


The Coal Transitions project has a global coverage. Presentations covered such topics as stranded assets of coal mining in China and impact of coal market and interactions with the water / energy nexus on low emission transition in India. The discussion of the preliminary results from the global coal market model constitute another important part of the seminar. The results were confronted with changes of the coal sector which takes place in Australia and South Africa.


IBS was represented by Piotr Lewandowski and Aleksander Szpor who presented the preliminary results and findings of our case study of labour market and social dimensions of restructuring of coal sector in Poland. The presentation is available below.


Programme of the workshop: Coal Transitions Agenda London 2017


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