Technology, globalisation and the nature of work around the world

On 11th of July 2017 we will organise the international seminar about the global changes on the labour markets.

Technology and globalisation have changed the way work is performed around the world. Numerous studies showed that middle-skilled, routine-intensive employment is falling in the US and Western European countries, leading to job polarisation and driving up inequality. Automation, offshoring and import competition from emerging economies, especially China, are the commonly identified factors behind these changes. However, little attention has been paid to the global picture and the effect of ICT, automation and offshoring on labour markets in emerging and middle-income countries.


At the seminar together with experts from Poland and China we will try to answer the following questions:

  • How does globalisation and ICT adoption influence demand for labour and the job quality in Europe, China and other emerging economies?
  • Is the de-routinisation of work a global pattern, or a phenomenon present in the most developed countries?
  • What is the global division of routine and non-routine work?

The following speakers have already confirmed their participation:

  • Albert Park (Institute for Emerging Market Studies, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
  • Yang Du (Institute of Population and Labor Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Science)
  • Aleksandra Parteka (Faculty of Management and Economics, Gdansk University of Technology)
  • Piotr Lewandowski (Institute for Structural Research)

The preliminary program of the seminar may be found at the seminar website (link).


The seminar will be held on July 11th  2017 in i-View Meetings, Mazowiecka Str. 9 (Warsaw). The conference languages are both English and Polish. We encourage you to register via email – – till 7th of July.


The “Technology, globalisation and the nature of work around the world” seminar is the first of a series of four international seminars (public policy seminars) organised by the Institute for Structural Research (IBS) in 2017. The project is financially supported by the Minister of Science and Higher Education in Poland from resources for science dissemination (No. 892/P-DUN/2017). We encourage you to follow our website where you will find information about next seminars.


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