Gender Gaps Conference

On 1 – 2 July the Gender Gaps Conference organised by GRAPE and Institute for Structural Research took place in Warsaw.

The main focus of the conference was on gender gaps in labour market outcomes in developed and developing countries. Despite closing of the gender gap in education, and increasing human capital among women, men still earn higher wages than women for performing the same work.


Jill Rubery (University of Manchester) in her opening keynote speech stressed that traditional explanations of gender pay gap no longer hold true. She emphasized the role of institutions and companies’ characteristics in shaping the gender pay gap. On the other hand, the second keynote speaker, Nuria Rodriguez-Planas (City University New York, IZA) underscored the importance of social and cultural norms, which largely influence the choices of women and men in their lives. During the second day of the conference she presented her research on gender gap in teenage smoking among children of immigrants in Spain. Her results show that the level of gender equality in the country of origin of parents is negatively related to the gender gap in smoking among children.


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