Instytut Badań Strukturalnych
ul. Rejtana 15 lok. 28
02-516 Warszawa

tel.  +48 22 629 33 82
faks +48 22 355 29 49

Mission and vision

IBS - wisely about the future

The Institute for Structural Research focuses on innovative thinking about the modern world. We look for the best solutions for the development of Poland and Europe. Our voice is important in the Polish public debate. We co-create the foundations of reliable and modern public policy and a competitive and environmentally friendly economy.

Vision of 4 pillars of our activity:

IBS Research – innovative centre of economic thought for Polish economic circles that represents Poland in the arena of European science.

IBS Think Tank – institution actively contributing to the Polish public debate; its views are an important point of reference for other participants. It is an advocate and initiator of modernisation.

IBS Evaluation – solid partner of public institutions, supporting national and local governments in key decisions – the leader in consulting services for the public sector.

IBS Technologies – centre developing professional tools supporting research and development; innovative software for the science sector.